Musical Extravaganza


The free Musical Extravaganza event is Maui County’s 150th Gannenmono Celebration, honoring the past 150 years of the first Japanese immigrants to come to Hawai’i. The evening honors the multi-cultural plantation heritage that brought the Japanese to Hawai’i. Entertainment from the Hawaiian, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese cultures will be shared. The evening ends with the audience participating in a community Bon Dance which honors ancestors. The Kaiwo Maru, a Japanese training ship, is in port at the Kahului Harbor from May 2nd to May 5th, and crew members will be joining in on this nights festivities.


Japan agency of Maritime Education and Training for Seafarers(JMETS) has implemented the continuous education and training to cultivate seafarers via school education and on-board training, by training on ships. In addition to the training of newcomers as seafarers according to the needs of the shipping industry, JMETS has also implemented practical traninig including training marine pilot and on-board training for students from the Maritime University and the National Collage of Maritime Technology.

About Kaiwo Maru

Kaiwo Maru is the most famous sailing ship in Japan, along with Nippon Maru. Kaiwo is Japanese for “King of the Sea”. She has lived up to this name by fulfilling the arduous task of the traditional sea training.

Kaiwo Maru was built in 1989, replacing the former KAIWO MARU which was engaged in the training of merchant marine cadets for over half a century. She has a sailing rig which looks the same as the old one, but she is superior in performance becouse state-of-the-art naval design was applied in her construction. She is adopting feathering propeller, CPP and other advanced technologies to improve its sailing performance.

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