Maui Matsuri Festival


The Maui Matsuri Business Award is awarded annually to a business that participates and supports of the mission of the Maui Matsuri which is to preserve and perpetuate the Japanese culture here on Maui. 

Recipients or the Maui Matsuri Business Award participate and support the mission of the Maui Matsuri which is to preserve and perpetuate the Japanese culture here on Maui.

On the entertainment stage we'll have entertainment by various taiko groups, ethnic Japanese dances, a martial arts demonstration, and appearances by several guest artists.

Maui Matsuri is proud to bring variouis Japanese artist to perform at our festivities

The Cultural Exhibits room is located in Pilina Building-Multipurpose Room.  Here we have various educational and fun exhibits of the Japanese Culture.

At the Maui Matsuri, we have a variety of games and contest that you maybe able to participate in.  We have eating contests, cosplay, manga and arts, and even video games. So if you have the competitive spirit in you come by for some fun competition.

Within the Food Zone are a number of food vendors providing a variety of Japanese eats.

You'll find something great for yourself or as a gift under our crafters tent

The Kodomo (Children) Corner has various activities for the children to participate in

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