The Maui Matsuri Business Award is awarded annually to a business that participates and supports of the mission of the Maui Matsuri which is to preserve and perpetuate the Japanese culture here on Maui. 

Award Year: 2019

After 50 years of experience in the appliance/electronics business, Lester Hamai decided to venture out on his own. Lester and Clara Hamai founded Hamai Appliance in September of 1969. Their son Clyde, joined them later that year, and in 1974, their oldest son, Glenn, made the family's involvement in the business complete. In March of 1977, they relocated to a larger building in Kahului and have been there since. This year makes 50 years in business and Clyde joined by President, Bryant Hamai and VPs Garret Hamai and Kelii Wunder, now run the business and are taking their business into the 21st century.

Today, the company follows the same tradition that Lester Hamai started his business with SERVICE to customers, the public and employees alike. They help local people because they are local people. They know first-hand the problems, dreams and needs of Maui's population. To keep up with the challenges and changes in today’s economy, Hamai stopped selling all TVs and electronics a few years back and now are selling Mattresses and other bedding accessories. There recently opened showroom known as “Mattressland” is there effort to diversify their business and can be found in their main store inside of Hamai Appliance.

Whether you're looking for a mattress or a built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator, Hamai Appliance will help guide you through your purchasing decisions and beyond to installation and repairs. Their service team separates them from their competitors. They are there to service any of their products whenever in need. “You can call the same people you bought your appliance matter how long ago you’ve purchased it. That’s the difference between our company and other big box stores.” said Bryant Hamai. Their company motto is “The people you can trust” and along with their exceptional service, they are destined for success for years to come!

Award Year: 2018

Tasaka Guri Guri has been delighting Maui residents and visitors with its enjoyable cross between ice cream and sherbert for over a century. Its recipe, which is a closely guarded family secret, started with Jokichi Tasaka shortly after his immigration from Japan in the early 1900s, but his son Gunji is actually the creator of the secret recipe and branded it with the name we know it by today.

Award Year: 2017

Over 115 years ago, Mitsuzo and Ayako Nagasako came to the islands to work in the sugar cane fields of Maui. They opened their first retail establishment, a candy shop, on Lahainaluna Road to generate extra income, utilizing Mitsuzo’s previous experience in Japan as an apprentice candy and cracker. In addition to selling from their storefront, the couple even delivered treats to central Maui.

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The Maui Matsuri Business Award is awarded earch  to a local business for their participation and support of the mission of the Maui Matsuri which is to preserve and perpetuate the Japanese culture here on Maui.


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