Cultural Exhibits

Sponsored by:Service Rentals

Location: Pilina Building-Multipurpose Room
Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum: sharing an exhibit – “The History of the Japanese in Hawai’i”
  • Bonsai: See this ancient traditional art of plant trimming displayed.
  • Consulate General of Japan: Advice on places to visit and things to see in Japan.
  • Learn the Game of Go: A 2,000 year old game, two players alternate putting stones on grid intersections with the hope of surrounding a larger portion of the board than their opponent.
  • Maui Ki-Aikido: Sharing a type of martial arts and its history.
  • Maui Nisei Veterans: educational displays showing the stories of these great heroes.
  • Mokichi Okada Association (MOA) Sangetsu Flower Arrangements: Arrange your own floral, take-home souvenir. Lessons in flower arranging, and using what is found in nature.
  • Origami: make an origami craft souvenir.
  • Shakuhachi: Performances of shakuhachi music (bamboo flute) throughout the day by Kyle Chew (also see entertainment stage schedule for more performances).
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