About Kaiwo Maru

From May 2 to May 5, 2018, the Kaiwo Mauru will be docked at the Kahului Harbor. The crew will be greeted by Maui County officials and the Maui Matsuri committee.  The crew will also participate in various Maui Matsuri events during their stay.

The Kaiwo Maru is the most famous sailing ship in Japan, along with Nippon Maru. Kaiwo is Japanese for “King of the Sea”. She has lived up to this name by fulfilling the arduous task of the traditional sea training. 

Kaiwo Maru was built in 1989, replacing the former KAIWO MARU which was engaged in the training of merchant marine cadets for over half a century. She has a sailing rig which looks the same as the old one, but she is superior in performance becouse state-of-the-art naval design was applied in her construction. She is adopting feathering propeller, CPP and other advanced technologies to improve its sailing performance.

In the past, the sail training ship was built to be used only for practical training of merchant marine cadets. However, it was said that the Kaiwo Maru should be utilized for a classroom at the sea and explimental voyage for general youth as well as practical training for marchant marine cadets. Therefore, the Training Ship Education Support Association (at that time) built the Kaiwo Maru by using National subsidy, subsidy from the Nippon Foundation, donation and bank loan.

Now as well as cadets, there are ordinary citizens on board as trainees. They won’t be career seamen but will gain valuable knowledge about the ship and the sea, and come to appreciate and respect good seamanship.


  • Date of launch: March 7, 1989
  • Gross tonnage: 2,556 tons
  • Length: 110.09 m
  • Navigation speed: 12.95 knots
  • Quota/Quota of cadets: 199/128 persons
  • Sail: 36 sails total 2,760㎡
  • Mast: 55.02m(50m above the water)
  • Recent cadets number: 108
  • University Navigation course: 47
  • Maritime Technical Collage Navigation class 31
  • University Engineering course 20
  • Maritime Technical Collage Engineering Class 10

Voyage Schedule 2018.April-June

  • 4/5 Departure from Tokyo
  • 5/2 Arrival in Kahului
  • 5/5 Departure from Kahului
  • 5/6 Arrival in Honolulu
  • 5/10 Departure from Honolulu
  • 6/1 Arrival in Vladiostok
  • 6/3 Departure from Vladiostok
  • 6/8 Arrival in Tokyo

Manning the yard

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