We will play 40 questions about Japan - if you have an interest in Japanese culture, history, food, current events, you will enjoy this hour-long game!
A game link will be sent via the Zoom chat where you can submit your answers via multiple choice. Top winners will receive prizes!
If there are multiple players in a household, you can just register on Zoom once and have players compete using individual mobile phones. Registration is FREE so feel free to share away to friends and family!
Trivia Night will be hosted by gamemasters Deron and Kit. Feel free to dress up with the theme, get some drinks and snacks going and play with the whole family for a fun Monday night! 
Congratulations Maya H., NotChris and the Regans! Also to Sharon and Krysta for winning our special prizes!

Trivia Night Presented By

Mystery Maui Escape Room
Mystery Maui Escape Room
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